Translator’s Note

or Building Bridges

In the U.S., the autistic bloggers community is in full swing. Through typing and with the help of the online environment these individuals are being able to articulate ideas, educate readers, become self-advocates and build a language that little-by-little start to define the group and it’s identity.

Defining a minority’s identity is a process and building a set of terms, definitions and discourses is part of this process. By using the internet, autistic people, including those labeled as “non-verbal”, have become actors in this ongoing process.

The idea behind the blog is to build a bridge and expand the conversation so that a new audience have access to what all these incredible people have to say.

So, this is a translation blog, but at least for now, the English version works only as a selection of articles and other writings since the translations are being made into Portuguese. Maybe in the future we will be able to invite some Brazilian writers to join in too. In that case we could have some translations into English as well!


Alexia Klein

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